"The Guitar in Argentina & Latin America"


Following the suggestions of the masters Narciso Yepes and Eduardo Falú, Néstor Benito created “The guitar in Argentina & Latin America” with the purpose of spreading important Argentine and Latin American composers and their little-known or unpublished works for guitar.

Néstor Benito made the first world recording of Eduardo Falú's “Suite Argentina” in the original version for solo guitar. He also premiered the complete work for guitar by José Franchini, dedicated to him; and works and arrangements by the Argentine composers Carlos Padró, Saúl Cosentino, Antonio Luzzi, by the Nicaraguan Enrique Téllez, and the Salvadoran Carlos Payés.

State Press Magazine (Phoenix - USA)

With the auspices of the General Direction of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Republic, Néstor Benito has made international tours presenting "The guitar in Argentina & Latin America" at theaters and universities in Chicago, St. Louis, Missouri, Branson, Indiana, Michigan, Los Ángeles, Fullerton, Pomona, Brea, Santa Ana - California, Arizona, Washington DC - Estados Unidos, México D.F., International Guitar Festival of " LA CAPILLA ", Mexico D.F, Tepeji del Río, Actopan, Hidalgo, Guadalajara, International Festival MUSICAL JUNE, Xalapa - Veracruz - México, Bogotá - Colombia, San Salvador - El Salvador, Permanent International Art Festival Suchitoto, Suchitoto - El Salvador, Managua - Nicaragua, y Panamanian Guitar Circle - Panamá.

Radio and TV presentations in Radio Educación, Radio Universidad, Radio XEW and TV Televisa - Mexico, Canal 6 TV Managua - Nicaragua, TTVES - El Salvador, TV Argentina y Radio Nacional Argentina.

Master Classes on Argentine and Latin American music, interpretation and guitar techniques, at Arizona State University, Maricopa Community Colleges - Glendale Music Department - Arizona, Maricopa Community Colleges - Scottsdale –Arizona, International Education Program - USA, California State University (Fullerton) Los Angeles - United States, Veracruzana University, Faculty of Music - Xalapa - Mexico, National University of Colombia, CONCULTURA - El Salvador, and Panama.

The first disc of the project "The Guitar in Argentina" included works by José Franchini, Néstor Benito and Eduardo Falú, published by Cosentino - IRCO VIDEO S.R.L / Argentina.

The new album by Néstor Benito “The Guitar in El Salvador” is currently in the recording process, with the complete guitar work of the Salvadoran composer Carlos Payés.