Néstor Benito

He was born in Buenos Aires – Argentina.

He studied guitar from his early childhood with the Master José Franchini, ten strings guitar with the Master Narciso Yepes, and composition and orchestra conducting with the Master Pedro Herz.


In 1973, he started his professional career giving performances in the most important concert halls of Argentina, radio and television, receiving outstanding accolades from the press.


In 1993, he recorded his first album “Obras” (Works), in honor to the masters José Franchini and Eduardo   Falú. It was produced by the Argentinean musician and composer Lito Nebbia, for the label “Melopea”.


In 1994, he participated in radio and television shows with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Berlin, the Philharmonic Orchestra of New York and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico, among other international musicians, with the sponsor of the O.E.A (American States Organization) for his album “WORKS.

In 1995, he performed his compositions INTERIORES Nº 2, HOMENAJE A JOSÉ FRANCHINI y TINIEBLAS for the first time at the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires.


He has performed as a soloist in the following orchestras: Los Solistas de Buenos Aires (Soloist of Buenos Aires), the Chamber Orchestra of the University of Belgrano, the Chamber Orchestra Mayo, Ensamble Instrumental Argentino (Argentine Instrumental Ensemble), the Chamber Orchestra of Buenos Aires and the Symphonic Orchestra of the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), among others.

He has also performed in the chamber duets “Benito – Tabbush” with the flute player Claudio Tabbush and “Benito – Falú" with the guitarist Juan José Falú.

He has been on international concert tours in Germany, France, Spain, the United States of America, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Brazil and Uruguay.


Since 1993, he has been leading the project “La Guitarra en Argentina y Latinoamérica" (The Guitar in Argentina and Latin America), created by himself with the purpose of promoting important composers and rarely known or unpublished works for guitar.


He premiered the complete works for guitar of the Master José Franchini to his honor, and recorded a great part of them in his albums.

He made the first worldwide recording of the original version for solo guitar of the Suite Argentina by Eduardo Falú.

He also premiered the works and arrangements of Argentinean composers such as Carlos Padró, Saúl Cosentino and Antonio Luzzi, among others.


In his Wolrd tour 2017, has presented the integral work for guitar of the Salvadoran composer Carlos Rodríguez Payes.





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