The guitar in El Salvador

Néstor Benito plays Carlos Payés

Integral work for guitar by Carlos Payés

Recording in progress

Néstor Benito and Pablo Sala (Argentine musician and luthier) are working on the project for this new album that has two objectives:

  • Diffusion of the integral work for guitar of the prominent Salvadoran composer Carlos Payés, in the framework of the project "The guitar in Argentina & Latin America" that Néstor Benito directs, promoting important Argentine and Latin American composers and their little-known or unpublished guitar works.
  • Promotion of two new models of ten string guitars that Pablo Sala has built especially for this project, incorporating important physical-acoustic innovations.

Pablo Sala is in charge of the recording and technical direction.

Carlos Payés
The passionate music of Carlos Payés immerses us in a deep world of longings, of subtle feelings with great technical and melodic accuracy. His work contains true romantic gems of guitar literature such as "El Adiós", "Lejanía", "Variations on a Mozart Theme" (from the opera Don Giovanni), "Galopa", "Toccata Criolla", the "Salvadoran Songs", and the "Italian Concert" for guitar and orchestra, among others.


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