Néstor Benito 

Feelings and creativity through ten strings

The international musician Néstor Benito will offer a classical guitar concert in Panama, as part of his World Tour, 2017.
After a tour of El Salvador and Nicaragua, Néstor Benito, outstanding musician worldwide for the ability to handle the ten-string guitar, arrives in Panama to delight with the notes issued by the acoustic instrument ...


Keila E. Rojas L.









Néstor Benito

Talented and necessary

It is difficult to find a disc that encompasses such a varied and interesting proposal. On the one side the excellence of a guitarist as Néstor Benito, and on the other, the successful choice of works to perform.


The "Suite Argentina” by Falú, finds here another great performer to emphasize its clear concept. It may be in the “Style", to name one fragment of the work, where the strings find a moving causeway and Benito's hands play with crisp sensitivity.


Franchini's work has an undeniable "gaucho" feeling and the guitar manifests itself with absolute pain, magnifying the presence of solitude even further in some of the works. The "Milonga" of the "Suite Las Pampas” is a clear example.


This young international performer provides the CD market with an invaluable material, “GUITARRA SOLA”.

       Walter Duche 

LA NACION - Newspaper  



For 10 Strings

IRCO COSENTINO and AIQUE GRUPO EDITOR have just presented “La guitarra en la Argentina”, the last record of the outstanding Argentinean classical guitar player Néstor Benito. It has a completely autochthonous program: works by José Franchini, Benito himself and Eduardo Falú…


LA NACION - Magazine


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Néstor Benito

The guitar inArgentina

This consecrated instrumentalist who has performed at the Colón, the Coliseo and the San Martín, amongst other important concert halls, uses a 10 - string guitar, identical to the one created by Narciso Yepes in 1964, which allows for a far wider range of sounds.


Benito's technique is admirable, and in this record he displays it exquisitely, both in his own compositions, as well as in others by José Franchini and the folk composer, Eduardo Falú.


LA NACION - Magazine


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Néstor Benito and the Orchestra of the University of Belgrano

The Orchestra of the University of Belgrano showed positive musical values, in the midst of an appropriate adjustment, on their debut concert with the prestigious guitarist “Néstor Benito”, who made a refined performance in the concerts for guitar and orchestra by Vivaldi and Torelli.


LA NACION - Newspaper







Music, which knows no boundaries except for quality, has in Néstor Benito, a performer serving who serves it with incomparable honesty and singular brilliance.


ABC  Madrid







… He came on stage in a round applause and left with an ovation after performing three pieces as an encore. 

Néstor Benito showed once more that, besides being a distinguished and prominent 10-string guitarist, he has a temperament that allows him to project each of his performances with enormous strength to his audience.


París Match






Néstor Benito

The art of the 10-strimg guitar

Few are the interpreters of the instrument designed by Narciso Yepes and José Ramirez in 1963. Néstor Benito is one of them and he demonstrates his mastery in his most recent record “NESTOR BENITO - GUITARRA SOLA”, which contains works of Franchini, his mentor, and Falú as well as of his own authorship.


Xavier Quirarte

MILENIO - Newspaper

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GUITARRA SOLA, Néstor Benito

Néstor Benito is one of those guitarists who have managed to go beyond the boundaries of music, making this an outstanding record.


EL GRÁFICO - Newspaper


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The Argentinean NÉSTOR BENITO offers a  "GUITARRA SOLA" concert

On Friday night, the soloist, creator of several chamber duets, music arranger and composer for the ten-string guitar, Néstor Benito, offered a concert of "Guitarra Sola" -name of his new record- in the Chapel of the Greek Cultural Center.


With the confidence of showing to the public the talent that has been marking him from 1973, date in which he began his professional career, the guitarist born in the city of Palermo, Argentina, surprised the audience with his way of arpeggiating the ten-string guitar.


Appart from obsessing the listeners of the concert with a mixture of Argentinian and Paraguayan music, on the occasion of a tribute to Fernando Pereznieto, an important architect of Mexico, Néstor received ovations from the audience since he went on stage at 20:15.


Distinguished by the Republic of Honduras with the order of "Honor to the Merit" for his work of diffusion of American music, and creator of the chamber duets "Tabbush-Benito" and "Benito-Ciriaci", Néstor made the night exquisite with musical sounds that escape from his guitar.


Marco Alvarez


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Néstor Benito spreads his discography

The Argentinean Néstor Benito has played, studied, worked, but above all, enjoyed the guitar through his life. He is in our country, where he has given a series of concerts, and today ends his tour in Actopan, Hidalgo, to present his most recent work published by Pentagrama: Guitarra Sola...


José David Cano




Néstor Benito, a master of the ten string guitar

… Néstor Benito entered the chamber orchestra Los Solistas de Buenos Aires (Soloist of Buenos Aires), an organization formed by musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Buenos Aires and the Orquesta Estable del Teatro Colón (Permanent Orchestra of the Colón Theater). By doing this, he forged his training in order to become considered as one of the main ten string guitarists of the recent years.


To make you want to listen to Néstor Benito’s record – “Guitarra Sola” more, I will tell you that without exaggeration, it is a true musical jewel.


EL DIARIO - Newspaper

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Néstor Benito - A ten string guitar to the service of Argentine music

Student of Narciso Yepes and Pedro Herz, the guitarist Néstor Benito has developed an intense work as an instrumentalist, guitar composer and promoter of the art of guitar playing in Argentina, around Europe and Latin America.

Benito has shown once more the pleasant impact that his performances manage to make upon his listeners, particularly by the singular stringing of his instrument, with ten strings instead of the six traditional ones, and to point his attention towards the music of his native Argentina.


UNIVERSO: El Periódico de los Universitarios

Universidad Veracruzana - N° 155


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Néstor Benito en el Festival Junio Musical

Thanks to the support of the chancellery of Argentina in Mexico, another virtuous guitarist participated in the festival: Néstor Benito, who was student of the famous Narciso Yepes, member of the group the “Los Solistas de Buenos Aires” (Solists of Buenos Aires), and to whom authors like Jose Franchini and Eduardo Falú has written works

Néstor Benito showed his technique when playing the ten string guitar, which made everything seem deceptively simple, in spite of the complexity of the works he performed, which are representative of the contemporary Argentinean music. He started with three pieces that Franchini has dedicated to him: Suite Las Pampas, Danza de la Tierra Roja and Melodía. He continued dedicating back to this composer with Nocturno, Interiores and Danza, and with other works of Antonio Luzzi, Fernando Bustamante and Saúl Cosentino. In the end, the Argentinean who performed for the first time in Xalapa executed the Concierto en la Luna, of the pianist Osmar Maderna, outstanding representative of the “old school” Tango.


Gina Sotelo and Jorge Vázquez Pacheco

Gazzete N° 66 - Universidad Veracruzana



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Unites States Of America



10-String guitarist from Argentina graces GCC


Professional guitarist, Nestor Benito, came to Glendale Community College for an intimate and passion-filled concert. The world-renown 10 string guitarist provided musical candy for listeners’ ears September 16 at 7:30 P.M. The Music Building was filled with sound-hungry fans, waiting for their sweet taste buds to be satisfied.


Noah Jaeger

The Voice - Jounalism




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