México 2003

Néstor Benito finishes making a new tour in Mexico presenting its first CD published in that country "NESTOR BENITO-GUITARRA SOLA", produced by Ediciones Pentagrama Mexico, sponsored by the Culture Business  Argentinean Chancellery General Direction.


In this excellent version of the "Argentine Suite" for solo guitar, Néstor Benito faces the interpretation of works for guitar by Argentine composers, something that is happening in the European guitar world, in which guitarists feel great attraction for the particular rhythms, color and phrasing of our varied local music spectrum. 

Then continue, Benito, with your firm commitment to paint your world to make it universal, with your Art and your Guitar."

Eduardo Falú





Newspaper MILENIO
NESTOR BENITO, the art of the ten string guitar
By Xavier Quirarte
Counted they are the interpreters of the instrument designed by Narcissus Yepes and Jose Ramirez in 1963. Néstor Benito is one of them and demonstrates its masters in its more recent disc, than it contains works of his Franchini teacher, Falú as well as of his responsibility.

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Newspaper EL GRAFICO
GUITARRA SOLA, Néstor Benito
Néstor Benito is one of those guitarists who have managed to transfer the borders of music...
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It presented guitarist Néstor Benito disc with unpublished works By Carmen Mondragón  

Mexico, 4 Jun (Notimex). - The Argentine soloist performer of the ten string guitar, Néstor Benito, will present its new record material with unpublished works of Jose Franchini and others more of Eduardo Falú, within the seventh edition of the Festival of Guitar that will be developed in the Greek Cultural Center. " The Pampas Suite", "Red Earth Dances", and "Melody"..

It offers to argentinean Néstor Benito a concert of "GUITARRA SOLA" By Marco Alvarez

Mexico, 7 Jun (Notimex). - Soloist, creator of several pairs of camera, arranger and composer for the ten string guitar, Néstor Benito offered the night of Friday in the Chapel of the Greek Cultural Center, a concert of "Guitarra Sola", name of its new disc. With the security to show the public the talent that has it noticeable from 1973...    Press note



Néstor Benito 
"Music, common Lenguage that it unites to us" By Shantal Reyes Araujo
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Néstor Benito spreads to its record work - By José David Cano

The Argentinean Néstor Benito has played, studied, worked, but, mainly, enjoyed throughout its life the guitar. It is in our country, where it has given to a series of concerts today closes his tour in Actopan, Hidalgo to present his more recent material published by Pentagrama: Guitarra Sola.....   Press note 

Newspaper Xalapa
Nestor Benito, in Tribute to Argentina in the Museum of Anthropology. 
By Mariana Baizabal   Press note
El Diario (Toluca - D.F. Mexico)
Nestor Benito, a teacher in ten string guitar
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Gaceta N° - 66 / Universidad Veracruzana (Veracruz - Mexico)
Néstor Benito in the June Musical Festival
Notes of the guitar in the forums of June Musical

Thanks to the support of the chancellery of Argentina in Mexico, another virtuous guitarist participated in the festival: Néstor Benito, that was student of the famous Narciso Yepes , member of the group the Soloists of Buenos Aires, and for those who have written works authors like Jose Franchini and Eduardo Falú. Néstor Benito showed to its technique when interpreting the ten string guitar , that made deceptively seem everything simple, in spite of the complexity of the works that touched, representative of contemporary Argentine music. It initiated with three pieces that Franchini dedicated to him: The Pampas Suite, Red Soil Dances and Melody. It continued with his correspondence towards this Nocturnal composer, Interiors and Dance, and with other works of Antonio Luzzi, Fernando Bustamante and Saúl Cosentino. In the end, the Argentinean who appeared for the first time in Xalapa executed the Concert in the Moon, of the pianist Osmar Maderna, representing outstanding of the tango "of the old guard".

By Gina Sotelo and Jorge Vázquez Pacheco Press note




Concert in the Internacional Festival of Guitar " LA CAPILLA " México D.F. Live recording of the concert for the edition of the CD of the festival.

Concerts in the Tepeji del Río and Actopan cities, Hidalgo - México.

Presentations in Radio Education, Radio University, Radio XEW and Televisa.

Concert " Tribute to Argentina " in the Internacional Fesival  "JUNIO MUSICAL 2003", Xalapa - México.



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