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For 10 strings


Aiqué has just presented the last recording of the renowned Argentine classical guitarist, Néstor Benito, with a completely folk oriented choice: works by Franchini, by Benito himself and by Eduardo Falú. Benito was born in 1956 and toured widely in Germany, France, the United States and various other countries.


His own compositions have been heard that the Teatro Colón. A particular facet of this instrumentalist: he plays on a 10-string guitar, which allows the sound to be bigger than the sound of a normal 6-string guitar.

Besides, it allows for the playing of works originally composed for lute and widens the field in contemporary repertoire.


A guitar such as this was used in the 60’s by the Spanish Maestro, Narciso Yepes. Benito owns his own 10-string guitar since 1981.


Magazine LA NACION - Argentina



Néstor Benito

The guitar in Argentina


This consecratred instrumentalist who has performed at the Colón, the Coliseo, the San Martín, amongst other important concert halls, uses a 10 - string guitar, identical to that created in 1964 by Narciso Yepes, which allows for a far wider range of sounds.


Benito's technique in admirable, and in this CD he displays it exquisitely, both in his own compositions, as well as in others by José Franchini and folk composer, Eduardo Falú.



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