José Franchini

Suite Las Pampas (Dedicated to Néstor Benito)

1 - Zamba

2 - Milonga

3 - Gato

4 - Estilo

5 - Malambo Pampeano

Danzas de la Tierra Roja (Dedicated to Néstor Benito)

6 - Nº 1 El Espinillo

7 - Nº 2 El Chañar

8 - Nº 3 Danza del Paraná

9 - Melodía (Dedicated to Néstor Benito)

Néstor Benito

10 - Interiores Nº 2

11 - Homenaje a José Franchini

12 - Tinieblas

Eduardo Falú

13 - Encaje Antiguo

Suite Argentina

14 - Carnavalito

15 - Misa Chico

16 - Bailecito

17 - Zamba

18 - Estilo

19 - Malambo

20  - Preludio y Danza

Commentaries of works


José Franchini (1912 - 1984)


The  "Las Pampas" Suite, was composed in 1979,  to pay homage to Néstor Benito. It was inspired of the themes pertaining to different traditional Argentine folkdances,  combining the grace and sweetness of thr Zamba with the rhythm and charm of the "Gato" and the "Milonga".


The "Estilo" gathers the depth and the "Milonga" rhythm so typical of the Pampean styles, ending in the "Malambo Pampeano", irresistible dance of great técnica complexity, presenting variations of remarkable color and effect.


The "Danzas de la Tierra Roja" were composed by the performer in 1981. These three ntive dances belonging to the north-eastern region of Argentina, show the influence of the Paraguayan music.


"Melodía" was the last work written by the Master José Franchini, in October 1983, also dedicated to Néstor Benito.



Eduardo Falú (1923 - 2014)


The "Suite Argentina" is a succession of typical old-time Argentine folkthemes, where the vivacious dances such as the "Carnavalito", the "Bailecito", the "Zamba" and the "Malambo" alternate with the prosessional "Misa Chico", pertaining to the peasantsٰ devotions, and the elegance and refinement of the meditative and intimate "Estilo", all of them having good taste and high technical level.



Néstor Benito (1956)


The nocturne "Homenaje a José Franchini" was composed in 1995 for the concert he offered the same year at the Colón Theatre in Buenos Aires, to pay homage to his Master.


Between 1994 and 1995, he composed "Interiores Nº 2" and "Tinieblas" - Impromptu.



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